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Our Mission

To provide you with Quality Products, Quality Care and Quality Service.

Our History

Fox's Feather Farm is the brainchild of Mark Fox who upon receiving his first baby bird at the age of 11 dreamed that one day he would be able to bring the same joy that he felt on that day to others.  Over the time span of 40 years Mark has cultivated his flock of brilliantly colored parrots ever increasing his breeding stock to what it is today - over 150 species to choose from.  

Today we can easily state that Mark Fox is an expert in both the breeding of and caring for parrots.  When you buy a feathered friend from Mark you also buy his 40 years of knowledge in the care and feeding of your new pet. 

At Fox's Feather Farm you can come and visit your baby bird.  That way you can bond with your bird before he/she goes home. 

Contact Information

Mark Fox (Sole Proprietor) Email:

Telephone: (831) 761-0566

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 1740, Watsonville, CA 95077

Last modified: July, 2012